Cheesecake Pops: Attempt 2

10 Jan

Okay, 2nd time’s the charm right?

After my not so successful first attempt, I decided to give cheesecake pops another go. I used the same recipe.

First: bake the cheesecake in a deep tin. I’m still trying to make one which doesn’t sink, any tips? Leave to completely cool before you put in the fridge overnight.

Then, use a ice cream scooper, or a deep spoon to create balls from the cheesecake. You’re supposed to roll the balls in graham cracker crumbs, but I couldn’t seem to find any, so I used Digestive biscuit crumbs instead.

Let cool in the fridge while you melt chocolate.

I ended up using 2 large slabs of chocolate, one milk and one dark, and it STILL wasn’t enough. Cover the cheesecake balls in the chocolate and sprinkle with whatever you feel like.

Put them on a lollipop stick, and enjoy!


One Response to “Cheesecake Pops: Attempt 2”

  1. Trish January 15, 2012 at 4:54 am #

    You put smiles on everyone’s faces Abbie!!! Lucky family- do you cater for parties- in SA OR OVERSEAS???? Xxxx

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